Fresh bread

Turkish Bread are the leader in the chilled pizza base & garlic bread market. They have expanded their range to include speciality lines including fresh, preservative-free wraps and naan bread. While the tangible output for Lemonade is packaging design, we are pivotal partners with regard to brand line extensions, product development, product messaging, and packaging substrates and sizes that will resonate with consumers and FMCG channels alike.

Throughout 2022, Lemonade has refreshed the packaging design of their leading product range.

Keep an eye out for our new on-pack promotion – CARD SHARKS cards will be circling supermarket shelves around the country. Catch an early glimpse below.

Turkish Bread
Packaging + Promotion
Strategic Planning, Branding, Product Development, Packaging, Copy, Promotions, Social media strategy

“I like their energy and their commitment - more importantly, I like them.”

Ken Vaughan