GeoTechnics & MCC

Rebrand GeoTechnics and MCC
Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Creative


Geotechnics has been providing reliable civil engineering services – and products via its sister brand MCC – for over 60 years.  Lemonade was approached to help unite and strengthen the brand identity.


Rebrand and refresh Geotechnics and MCC – two established brands – and unite them under the one familial umbrella, while keeping their individuality as stand-alone, but related business units & brands.


We began working with the in-house teams from both Geotechnics and MCC uncovering the strengths, beliefs, motivations and impressions that would define our approach. These insights revealed the importance of people to the functional delivery of their business, being precision.  We thus created the mantra “People + Precision” and developed a strong and flexible brandmark that communicated this mantra and gave a nod to a target for precision and an exposed core of the earth.  We flipped the mark for MCC to give us a distinctive yet related, brand.