Valuing difference and supporting inclusion

Taikura Trust provide support to disabled people under 65 years and their families and carers working with them to understand their needs, develop a plan and ensure the best support services are in place to meet their needs.

Taikura Trust
Strategic Plan Booklet

To create a strategic plan booklet with a modern design and influences of Maori heritage. Also to reinforce that they truely value difference and support inclusion.


We looked at their existing brand and expanded it out further with the introduction of new colours and iconography. The general idea was to enhance what they had without completely reworking it.


Created a look and feel that played on the idea of beautiful imperfections, having used irregular shapes through out the layout. A secondary suite of colours and iconography were introduced to help give diversity to the brand, tying in the Maori aspect while still retaining a clean and modern look.