Panasonic Be 2019 Ready

In preparation for the Rugby World Cup 2019, Panasonic were on a mission to help ensure New Zealanders were ready to view the tournament on Panasonic smart TVCs.  We leveraged Panasonic Brand Ambassador, Beauden Barrett, amid considerable constraints including his availability and not falling foul of World Rugby’s rules.  We produced TVCs, a digital media campaign, POS, dealer assets, billboards and engaging social media Q&A videos starring our favourite No 10.

2019 TV Campaign
Strategy, TVCs, Digital, POS, Dealer Assets, Billboards, Social Media Content
“We’ve worked with Lemonade for a number of years, and it’s been a very successful partnership. We’re proud of the work we’ve done together to launch and promote our global brands to the New Zealand market. They’re genuinely creative people without the big creative egos. They’re always finding cost-effective ways to produce professional content without the premium budgets. They give us their best every time.”

“They’re genuinely creative people without the big creative egos.”

Lynda Bodger