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Panasonic needed a fresh approach to connect consumers with the brand and their diverse range of products, moving away from showcasing functionality to innovation, technology and design.

For Panasonic’s first-ever brand campaign, we don’t feature people interacting with products, instead we created visceral 3D scenes in which to hero key products in a modern, distinctive and immersive way.

The 3D animation was created in partnership by Toybox NZ using Houdini, the world’s leading vfx software. Dynamic visual metaphors were designed to showcase each product’s unique purpose. Abstract forms swirl, explore and interact with individual devices to create a visual symphony that expresses Panasonic’s contemporary design innovations.

To complement the bespoke animation, an original music score was composed and recorded by Cam Ballantyne of Beatworms.

Brand Campaign
Concept, TVC, Cinema, Website, Digital, Social, In-store, OOH

How do you produce a strong, vibrant & innovative brand campaign that not only appeals to brand loyalists, but reaches new audiences across multiple product categories with only a handful of CAD drawings and all staff in lockdown?

It’s simple – you work with amazing partners like Lemonade and Toybox who took on this task with gusto and pushed the brief well beyond expectations to produce a true brand campaign – which is a first for Panasonic NZ and Panasonic globally.

– Lynda-Anne Bodger, GM Marketing & Business Projects, Panasonic NZ