Defining inovation for an iconic Kiwi brand


Panasonic New Zealand is committed to bringing innovative, smart technology into our homes that makes everyday living easy. Loved by many households, Panasonic is recognised as one of the most trusted brands in New Zealand and our job is to ensure the values of the brand are represented in their communications. Understanding their business is key, so we work closely with their marketing team and product managers to deliver relevant, regional content in the New Zealand market for this global brand.


After completing a brand audit to identify the regional differences currently on offer to their marketing team, we created a strategy to develop a specific theme for the New Zealand market, taking visual clues from global creative. New brand guidelines have been created for this unique identity to ensure consistency for future marketing and consumer promotional campaigns. The ‘Home Appliance’ product range is the first to adopt this new model, and is already seeing marked improvement in brand recognition in-store with new product brochures and point of sale.

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