Expect to be accepted across NZ.

American Express
Retail Marketing
Advertising, Digital, Retail

AMEX suffers from a perception of lack of coverage that stalls both acquisition of new Card Members and also stalls the use of the AMEX Card by existing Card Members.  The perception is that AMEX are accepted in only a few places nationwide.  AMEX wanted to inform people about a large number of retail businesses that accept AMEX up & down NZ and drive Card use.


To encourage the use of the AMEX Card – and to put AMEX on non-AMEX Card Members consideration set – a strong AMEX ‘Spend & Get’ retail offer at over 60 well-known national retail brands was developed.  For this task, we created a retail ‘street sign’ concept to highlight the ‘000s of places AMEX is accepted. We created TTL communication elements consisting of shopper-centric digital mall screens, POS, digital, emails, statement insert and merchant communications.


This AMEX retail ‘spend & get’ campaign was the most successful marketing campaign ever undertaken by AMEX.  Over 60 retailers across NZ participated, comprising of 1,600 locations. AMEX Card Members were highly engaged with 10,000 enrolments and they redeemed the offer over 14,000 times.